Search bidding optimization at scale. Automatically increase lead quality and decrease CPA.

Faster than legacy technology 

Current bidding technology can’t move fast enough. PredictiveBid learns as the data is received, and compares it against other data sources like CRM data to optimize for KPIs like lifetime value.

Take advantage of newer tech.

Greater scale than in-house systems 

In-house systems are expensive and time consuming. PredictiveBid works 24/7 to optimize your bids on the latest data, putting valuable internal resources back to work on other projects.

Take control of the priority list.

Powered by AI/Machine Learning 

When were your algorithms built? PredictiveBid uses the latest in machine learning to process more data, faster, generating more predictable results. The results speak for themselves.

Better results in every pilot.
Closed loop, automated optimization

Go beyond traditional bid optimization.

Unmatched data flexibility allows PredictiveBid to optimize search bids based on key business goals, not just clicks. By integrating with CRM data, PredictiveBid can optimize for lead quality, conversion rate, and customer lifetime value.

Machine Learning

PredictiveBid has developed proprietary machine learning models designed to predict the best results based on a jillion combinations of data attributes, based on your marketing goals (lower CPA, higher customer LTV, increase in quality lead conversion). As more customers convert, PredictiveBid learns what combinations generate the optimum results of higher quality leads and lower CPA

CRM Data

Not all acquisitions are equal. Customer lifetime value is a more important metrics than clicks. With CRM data, you can optimize bids for higher quality.

More attributes

Go beyond keywords to optimize based on geography, time zone, time of day, demographics, and more.

Full Funnel Metrics

With PredictiveBid you can measure keyword or adgroup performance against metrics throughout the funnel. Click, chat, trial, conversion, and LTV.

Learning segmentation

Segments and audiences never get stale. Machine learning means up to the minute segmentation.

1 Week onboarding means time-to-value in <30 days.

PredictiveBid can be your first successful AI project of 2019!

Crush the competition with 24/7 AI powered bid optimization capturing quality leads at lower CPA.